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Monday, March 15, 2010

Chamois and Slumped Glass

What a great weekend! I went to Chamois Missouri on Saturday to spend some quality time with my sister. She is a glass artist and we spent the day slumping some glass pieces that I can use in my gourds. I brought back some bright colored clear glass pieces that she had in the kiln when I arrived at her house. These pieces may find their way into one of my mushroom night lights. While I was there she showed me how to cut glass and helped me put together some pieces that we put into the kiln before I left to head for home. I can’t wait to see how they turn out! She had just finished a foil piece of a frog that was real cool. If can make it out of glass-she can make it look good.
After the long trip on Saturday it was great to spend Sunday just lounging around the house with my Honey. He watched a bunch of old westerns and I wandered out to the studio with my gourds. I have a few projects in the works so watch the gourden for a new crop.

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