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Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring Show To Do List

Good Morning! Not as warm as it was yesterday and a little overcast but all in all not too bad. Dad always said that any day that you wake up is a good day.
I have been very busy this week getting ready for the spring craft show season. I signed up for a ProPay account and ordered by “knuckle buster” so that I can accept credit cards. I got the Premier account so I can now accept VISA, MASTER CARD, DISCOVER and AMERICAN EXPRESS. AMERICAN EXPRESS costs more to use so I don’t think I will advertise that one very much.
I ordered my custom “merchant plate” for my “knuckle buster” and it should be arriving in the mail soon. It seems so strange that at this time last year I did not even know what a “merchant plate” or “knuckle buster” were, much less, that I would need them.
My husband-bless his heart- is working on getting me a banner for my booth. He is trying to work it out so that I can have my avatar on the banner along with my shop name. I would already have a banner if I wasn’t sooooo picky about using my original art instead of a clip art picture. I think I drive him crazy!
Now I need to get a table cloth. Once again I am picky. Imagine that! I want to get a basic white or black cloth that will go most of the way to the floor on the front and sides of the table. Then I want to get some small runners in different colors that I can add on top of the cloth to brighten the table for different shows. It’s off to SAM’s Club after work!
I need to contact DISCOVER. I saw an advertisement that said they will provide free signs and I like FREE!

I gotta go….work to be done. See ya soon…………………..

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