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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Tristen's Birthday

What a beautiful day! Three of our children came over with their children to celebrate Tristen’s ninth birthday. We had BBQ followed by cake and ice cream. The grandkids played outside in the yard while the grownups sat on the porch and caught up on the family news.
The grandkids managed to put the kickball into the pond three times. The first two times Marty had to scoop it out with a dip net. By the end of the afternoon Brittney figured out how to get the ball out of the pond without help. All of the boys managed to get into the mud and had a great time doing it.
I tried to clean up the studio for the taping of my segment on Show Me St Louis next week but every time I started to work on it one of the grandkids needed their grandma. Oh well.. Who do I think I’m fooling anyway? The studio is always a mess. Being a Gourd Artist is just a dusty way of life. There is no clean way to work on a gourd.
The houses is quiet now so I will sneak off to the studio and see what can be done………………………….

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