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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

To all friends and family

Due to all of the highway accidents this week I want to remind the people that I care about:
The most common contributing circumstance on auto accident reports is inattention. Please watch the road. Nothing is more important than being safe. NOTHING!
The next most common cause is following too close.
Leave a safe breaking distance between vehicles. AT LEAST one vehicle length per 10 miles per hour. If you can read that cute personalized plate you are too close. If someone fills in that gap and you have to slow down, you may get to where you are going a little bit later but you will get there alive.
It is ok to ask me to hold or set the phone down to use your turn indicator well before you change lanes. The other drivers can not guess what you are going to do next so give them some warning- they may even reduce speed to let you in.:)

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